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Legislators Moving Toward Property Tax Compromise

Governor Mitch Daniels is calling on Democrats to support a property tax plan put forth by Republicans today that he says is a good compromise containing many provisions to help low income taxpayers.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. 


Lawmakers Continue Working on Property Tax Plan

House and Senate legislators today resumed conference committee negotiations trying to reach a final property tax restructuring plan.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports, lawmakers have just two weeks left to come up with a plan before the session ends March 14th.

Tax Credit for Poor Could Offset Proposed Sales Tax Increase

Advocates for Indiana’s poor say they want to see an increase in the earned income tax credit remain in the property tax restructuring plan now being considered by the Senate.  Supporters say the goal is to offset a proposed sales tax increase that would pay for property tax cuts.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.