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Gubernatorial Candidates Participate in Second Debate

Gubernatorial candidates Democrat Jill Long Thompson, Republican incumbent Mitch Daniels and Libertarian Andrew Horning squared off in the second of three debates Tuesday night, taking questions directly from the public at a town hall style debate in Jasper.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

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Candidates Square Off in First Gubernatorial Debate

If questions asked by the public at last night’s gubernatorial debate in Merrillville are an indicator, it seems clear that Indiana voters are worried about the economy.  It was the central focus of many of the questions for the three candidates in this first of three gubernatorial debates.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

Legislative Committee Takes Testimony on Immigration

Members of the interim legislative committee on immigration issues heard testimony at the statehouse today from both law professors and immigration experts.  The goal is to look at what options the Indiana legislature has to enforce and regulate illegal immigration.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

Obama Makes Campaign Stop in Terre Haute

Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama made a campaign stop in Terre Haute this weekend.  As Arianna Prothero reports from member station WFIU in Bloomington, it’s expected to be one of many stops in Indiana for Obama, as he tries to win over undecided voters.

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FSSA Won’t Change Deadline For Food Stamp Applications

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Secretary Mitch Roob says his agency has decided not to move forward on a rule that would have given food stamp recipients fewer days to submit all of their application paperwork.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

Long Thompson Unveils Education Plan

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson says if elected governor, she will make reducing Indiana’s high school dropout rate a top education priority for her administration.  She points to a high school dropout rate of around 30 percent as a major indicator that something different has to be done.

Long Thompson proposes lowering the drop out rate by allowing students the option to finish high school in five years.  She says she has other education initiatives that include a literacy program that relies on textbook publishers to donate story books monthly to Hoosier children until they reach age five.  Long Thompson says she also wants to expand a state funded scholarship for children in low income families to attend college.  Governor Mitch Daniels released his education priorities last month.  Among those are complete funding for full day kindergarten and leasing the lottery to a private company in exchange for six thousand dollars for each high school graduate to use to help pay for college.

Skillman Among Delegates at RNC

Among the Hoosiers at the Republican National Convention this week is Indiana Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman.  A delegate herself, Skillman says she’s seen the news making speeches of the convention up close.  In an interview with Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland, she shared her own perspective on John McCain’s vice presidential pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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