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Daniels Says No Budget Will Equal Shutdown

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is pointing the finger of blame on House Democrats for government shutdowns that could occur if a state budget isn’t approved by midnight June 30th. But some of those Democrats are saying the only thing worse than a government shutdown would be passing the budget Daniels’ endorses. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.


Michael Jackson’s Hometown Mourns

Over the last 30 years the city of Gary has been hit hard with unemployment and crime. But even through the tough times, the city’s residents could always hang on to the one thing that made them proud: being Michael Jackson’s hometown. That’s not likely to change even after Jackson’s unexpected death yesterday. But it does end a long desire to see the city’s favorite son return again one day. We get more now from reporter Michael Puente in Chesterton.

House Approves One Year Budget

Indiana’s special session budget bill is now headed to the state senate. Today the House of Representatives voted along party lines to approve a one year budget that Democrats say puts public education first, while Republicans claim spends too much in a bad economy. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

Gary Casino Provision Out of Special Session

During a meeting of the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday, a Gary legislator withdrew his proposal to relocate a casino in his area and use the revenue for a medical teaching hospital. The removed gambling provision was part of a bill to bail out the capital improvement board that oversees Indianapolis’ downtown sports venues and convention center. Representative Charlie Brown says he decided to withdraw the amendment, saying he did not want controversy over its inclusion to stand in the way of a budget being passed during the special session.

“The primary issues facing state lawmakers in this special session should be passing a state school that protects schools and create jobs. I do not wish to see that focus changed by republicans complaining about back door deals, attempts to bring more gaming to the state of Indiana.”

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman William Crawford of Indianapolis. Later withdrew the C-I-B bill. He says bipartisan support, is required to move the legislation forward. The full House is scheduled to begin budget deliberation today.

Ways and Means Committee Votes on Budget

Members of the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee today worked through a list of thirty two amendments to the one year budget being proposed by House Democrats. There were no amendments filed in the committee hearing that drastically altered the House Democrats budget proposal. But there were a number of changes made regarding spending priorities within the budget. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland has the highlights.

Special Session Now Underway

The special session called by Governor Mitch Daniels to pass a budget that failed during the regular legislative session is now underway. Those in attendance as the Indiana Legislature gaveled in the special session today got an early taste of how just how tense the upcoming debates may be. And, as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports, it’s likely to be a time when lawmakers tackle more issues than just the state budget.

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Teachers’ Union Chief Speaks On Education Funding

Indiana lawmakers return to the Statehouse today to begin the special session and ultimately, produce a budget before the new fiscal year begins July first. Education funding represents 55 to 60 percent of the new budget that will be debated. Politicians and lobbyists are already staking out positions on how much money schools will ultimately get. Yesterday, Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland spoke with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett about what he thinks are the chief education funding challenges facing Indiana. Today, we hear from Indiana State Teachers Association President Nate Schnellenberger.