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Constitutional Property Tax Cap Supporters Begin Final Push for Passage

Governor Mitch Daniels with about 50 supporters of constitutional property tax caps, in Beech Grove, IN

About 50 supporters rallying for a yes vote on the property tax cap referendum that will appear on the November election ballot were on the south side of Indianapolis today making their case for why those caps should be placed in the state constitution. 

Question one on the November ballot will ask voters whether they want to put current property tax caps in the state constitution. 

Those caps don’t completely set in stone the dollar amount a property owner pays on his or her taxes, since property assessments used to calculate the tax bills can rise and fall.  Also, lawmakers allowed for referendums that let local governments and schools go above the caps. 

But Governor Mitch Daniels says the key is that they’ll need voters approval.

“When local spending units want to raise more money, they have to get the people’s permission to do it.  It’s no longer the case that they can simply raise it at their own discretion and that’s the way it should be.”

The property tax caps became law in 2008, despite opposition from groups that said it would limit funding flexibility for government programs.  Now opponents, most notably the Indiana Farm Bureau and state Chamber of Commerce say they won’t actively campaign against the measure. 


Lawmakers to Talk Permanent Property Tax Caps Thursdsay

Tomorrow morning, state legislators plan to once again discuss how and if, proposed property tax caps will be made permanent with an amendment to the Indiana Constitution.  Plans from Governor Mitch Daniels suggest the constitution should include permanent caps at one percent for homeowners, two percent for rental properties, and three percent for businesses.  But a plan put on the table from House Democrats calculates homeowner caps on income rather than a home’s assessed value.  Supporters say that plan better reflects a homeowner’s ability to pay.  But today Governor Daniels dismissed the change as a bargaining chip.

Lawmakers have until March 14th to come up with a compromise property tax plan.  Daniels says permanent caps are a mandatory component of any plan he’s willing to approve.

Lawmakers at Odds Over Constitutional Property Tax Caps

As the Indiana Legislature heads into the final two weeks of the 2008 session, tensions are rising over how and if property tax caps should be made permanent in the state constitution.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

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Property Tax Caps Advance in House

The Indiana House of Representatives today voted in favor of a constitutional cap on homeowner property tax bills based on income rather than a home’s assessed value.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.