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Senate Committee Takes Up New Same Sex Marriage Ban

Wednesday at the Indiana Statehouse, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a new resolution to ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution. Unlike previous amendments, this one also prohibits civil unions. Both are already illegal under current Indiana law. But resolution author, Carlin Yoder of Goshen, says this amendment is important to protect the sanctity of marriage. Proponents of the resolution echoed Yoder’s sentiments; with Terra Haute attorney Jim Bopp saying the resolution was necessary to keep courts from overturning current law.

“Now of course the need has been amply demonstrated in other states where the courts have seized control of this issue, contrary to the will of the people of those states.”

Those in opposition to the resolution, including Don Sherfick of the Indiana Equality Council, say public opinion is changing and this resolution does not reflect the views of younger Hoosiers. Several Indiana businesses also came out in opposition to the amendment saying it will harm their ability to compete and attract top employees. The resolution, which passed out of committee six to four, now moves to the Senate floor.
-Brian Flood


New Language for Same Sex Marriage Ban

State legislators Eric Turner of Marion, David Cheatham of North Vernon and Marlin Stutzman of Howe say they’ve filed new legislation on prohibiting same sex marriage in the Indiana Constitution. The move signals a recognized failure of a previous bill that has faced the legislature four years without passing. Opponents of the earlier same sex marriage amendment said it was too vague and could negatively affect domestic violence laws. The new language specifically defines marriage between one man and one woman and outlaws civil unions. Referring to amendments passed in Wisconsin and Kentucky, Representative Turner says he’s confident the new language will not affect companies and universities that currently offer domestic partner benefits.

“Some have said it will affect domestic partnerships. It will not. Again, these constitutional benefits have been out there.”

The legislators say they have not been assured a hearing for the bill in the Indiana House or Senate, though Senator Stutzman says a hearing will be given if the House approves the measure first. Bill Browning, owner of Bilerico dot com, a blog covering gay, lesbian and transgendered issues, the new language is clear, but promotes discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Some Legislators Calling for Same Sex Marriage Amendment to be Heard in House

Some state legislators held a press conference today urging the House of Representatives to hear to a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. Brian Pace reports.

Protesters Rally Against Same Sex Marriage Amendment

Over a hundred people gathered inside the Indiana Statehouse today to express concerns about an amendment to the state constitution that they say could violate the civil rights of many gay and unmarried couples. Brian Pace reports.

General Assembly Completes First Half of Session

This was the week for legislators in the Senate and House of Representatives to give their approval to bills before they move to the opposite chamber for consideration.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

Senate Committee Approves Constitutional Ban on Same Sex Marriage

An Indiana senate committee today (Thursday) voted in favor of the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same sex marriage.  The measure is headed for its fourth endorsement from the state senate, but is unlikely see full legislative approval this session.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.