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Virtual Charters expand; add second school

A virtual charter school pilot program is being expanded to add a second school, the Indiana Department of Education announced this week.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood has the story.

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Daniels supports suit; doesn’t hold out hope

The day after Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced Indiana would be adding its name to the health care lawsuit filed in Florida, Governor Mitch Daniels told reporters he agreed with Zoeller’s decision but would not be getting his hopes up.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood has the story.

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Licensing requirments change for educators

Governor Mitch Daniels today signed into law new regulations for licensing of teachers in Indiana, requiring many of them to have a degree in the subject they teacher.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood with the story.

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Low turnout expected for May primaries

Despite the retirement of Senator Evan Bayh and what is expected to be a hotly contested race for his open senate seat, a spokesperson for the Indiana Election Division sees May fourth’s primary as a return to normalcy after record turnout for the 2008 presidential primaries.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood reports.

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AARP hopes to educate members on the healthcare bill

The AARP is launching one of its biggest education campaigns to teach their members about the healthcare bill that was just signed by President Barack Obama. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood has the story.

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Daniels lauds Indiana’s economic environment

In a speech to the Economic Club of Indiana today at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Governor Mitch Daniels touted what he says is Indiana’s welcoming business environment and the diversification it has brought to the state.

Daniels told the eleven hundred in attendance about Indiana’s shifting economy and growing share of the auto, bio-tech and energy markets.

But he also reminded them that for Indiana to keep growing economically it must continue to find ways to seek out, help and encourage unique individuals and companies.

“Harder to get ones hands on, but essential to concentrate on are those dynamic, unpredictable businesses that spring from the genius of free people when enabled and encouraged to start new enterprises and try new ideas.”

Daniels received raucous applause when he finished by admonishing other states for raising taxes in the current economic environment and declared Indiana to be the best state in America for business.

“It is our goal.  It is our ambition.  That Indiana and the young Hoosiers coming up have every economic opportunity possible.  That there is no better place for the existing, or the new business, anywhere in America because we know there are no more deserving people.  No more deserving workers of the future then the young people we are raising right here.”

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Governor suspends HIP enrollment

Today, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced enrollment for the Healthy Indiana Plan to give health insurance to low income Hoosiers will be suspended in light of Congress’s decision to pass the health care reform bill late last night.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood has the story.

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