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Lead Poisoning Provisions Removed in Conference Committee

An Indiana statehouse conference committee today stripped a childhood lead paint poisoning prevention bill of many of its enforcement provisions.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.  


Lawmaker Seeks Crackdown on Toys with Lead Paint

The Indiana House of Representatives has approved a bill amendment that would allow individuals made sick by toys with lead paint to sue importers and wholesalers of those toys.  The provision was added today to a bill that already seeks to prevent childhood access to lead base paint.  That bill requires lead paint testing in day care centers and rental properties.  The addition of penalties regarding toys with lead paint was made my Representative Shelli Vandenburgh of Crown Point. While the amendment regarding lead paint in toys was approved, the full bill will be voted on in the House later this week. 

House Hears Bill on Lead Poisoning Prevention

Today the Indiana Senate heard testimony on a bill aimed at stricter enforcement regarding high levels of lead paint in child care centers and homes.  Brian Pace reports.

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