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Daniels supports suit; doesn’t hold out hope

The day after Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced Indiana would be adding its name to the health care lawsuit filed in Florida, Governor Mitch Daniels told reporters he agreed with Zoeller’s decision but would not be getting his hopes up.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood has the story.

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Licensing requirments change for educators

Governor Mitch Daniels today signed into law new regulations for licensing of teachers in Indiana, requiring many of them to have a degree in the subject they teacher.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood with the story.

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Indiana to join health care suit

Indiana will be joining with thirteen other states in taking legal action against the federal government over the recently passed health care bill.

Almost immediately upon President Barack Obama putting his signature to the bill, thirteen states attorney generals filed a joint legal action against the federal government in Florida.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, announced today, that he has notified Florida’s Attorney General that Indiana is seeking to join that complaint and become the fourteenth state to be added as a plaintiff.

In a news release Zoeller stated that the requirement upon individuals to buy health insurance is unprecedented.  He says he believes it is in the best interest of everyone, including supporters of the healthcare bill to challenge the constitutionality of an unfunded government mandate upon states.

Zoeller says with fourteen plaintiffs involved in the action against the health care bill he believes Indiana’s legal costs should be minimal.

Brian Flood

Low turnout expected for May primaries

Despite the retirement of Senator Evan Bayh and what is expected to be a hotly contested race for his open senate seat, a spokesperson for the Indiana Election Division sees May fourth’s primary as a return to normalcy after record turnout for the 2008 presidential primaries.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood reports.

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Republicans begin campaign for state senate

Two of the five republicans vying to be their parties’ candidates in Indiana’s U.S. Senate race were in the state capital today.  Marlin Stutzman, a current state senator from Howe, delivered a policy announcement at the Statehouse, detailing his ideas on the economy.

“First of all, I think we have to start with no more spending, no more bailouts, no more tax increases on any income range, no more new entitlement spending, including health care spending.  I believe we have to get spending under control and that’s going to be the first step, is stop the bleeding.”

Later this afternoon, Dan Coats, who recently returned to the Hoosier state to run for the open Senate seat he once held, appeared with national radio talk show host Bill Bennett.  His stop was part Indianapolis area fundraiser, part media availability; one in which he spent time talking about problems with the national health care reform law, and defending himself as an experienced leader, rather than a Washington insider.

“They can call me whatever they want, but I proudly served this country, this state, as a Hoosier, and this country as a Hoosier for a number of years and obviously that job is in Washington and I lived in Washington.”

First quarter campaign finance reports are due for all primary races next week.

Marianne Holland

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AARP hopes to educate members on the healthcare bill

The AARP is launching one of its biggest education campaigns to teach their members about the healthcare bill that was just signed by President Barack Obama. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brian Flood has the story.

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School Funding Flexibility Will Kick In This Fall

A new Indiana law will let the state’s public school districts transfer up to ten percent of their money between allocated funds in order to protect instructional programs.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.  Hear the Story

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