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Obama and Clinton Campaign on Job Growth

Today Senator Barack Obama held a talked to Indiana’s worker in downtown Indianapolis. His focus was the economy after recent polls show he’s losing ground with middle class blue-collar workers. Colleen Iudice reports.

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Rural Voters Could Decide Presidential Primary

In Indiana, twenty two percent of the population lives in rural areas.  With that in mind, both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are trying to send the message they are the primary candidate most in touch with rural people.  Dee Davis, president of the Center for Rural Strategies in Kentucky, told Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland that people are watching Indiana closely to see which candidate succeeds in winning the rural vote May 6th.

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Gay and Lesbian Voters Weigh in on Presidential Primary

Polls show Indiana voters are evenly split between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama a week before the state’s May 6th Primary.  The phrase “every vote counts” is apparent as the campaigns make their pitch to all segments of the Indiana Democratic voting spectrum.  One group in particular looks forward to their vote possibly deciding the outcome of the race, but gay and lesbian Hoosiers seem to be split as well.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland talked to one same-sex couple who are at political odds.

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Supreme Court Upholds Indiana’s Voter ID Law

On Monday the United States Supreme Court ruled six-to-three to uphold Indiana’s voter identification law.  The law, passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 2005, requires voters to show a state or federally issued photo i.d. when they cast their ballot.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

Clinton Focuses Campaign on Small Towns

Former president Bill Clinton spent his Sunday campaigning through a number of particularly small southern Indiana towns, finishing the day in Martinsville. From WFIU in Bloomington, Adam Ragusea reports.

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Resource for Hoosier Voters on Presidential Primary

Indiana’s primary is just over a week away.  For those still on the fence trying to decide whom to vote for, there’s a centralized non-partisan resource that keeps track of political candidates’ positions. However, candidates aren’t always willing to collaborate with Project Vote Smart. From WNIN in Evansville, Micah Schweizer has the story.

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PAC Releases Report on Iraq War Cost

A new report by the political action group MoveOn-dot-org says Hoosiers are concerned about the economic impact of the Iraq war. From WNIN in Evansville, Micah Schweizer has more.