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Indiana Senator Thinks State Should Look at Arizona Style Immigration Reform

State Senator Mike Delph, Republican from Carmel

State Senator Mike Delph of Carmel says Indiana should consider adopting an immigration policy similar to the one in Arizona, one that has caused outcry from civil liberties organizations while prompting economic boycotts of Arizona.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. Hear the Story

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Turnout for Indiana’s Primary

New information from the Indiana Election Commission shows voter turnout at the May 4th primary election was 21 percent.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. Hear the Story

New Estimate Shows Health Care Reform Cost for Indiana

Robert Damler of Milliman, Inc., Indiana Actuary

New estimates from Indiana’s actuary, Milliman Incorporated, show federally approved health care reform could cost the state as much as six hundred million dollars more a year once more Hoosiers become eligible for Medicaid in 2014.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland has more. Hear the Story

Senate Campaigns Waste No Time Going After Opponents

Indiana’s Republican and Democratic parties are wasting no time turning up the heat on the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Evan Bayh.  Democrats continue criticizing Dan Coats time as a lobbyist.  At the same time, Republicans are already questioning why Brad Ellsworth hasn’t spoken publicly about President Barack Obama’s decision yesterday to nominate Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. Hear the Story

Dan Parker, Indiana Democratic Party Chair

Indiana Gets High Marks for Child Immunizations

Indiana ranks sixth in the nation for its rate of childhood immunizations.  That’s according to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.  The survey shows that overall, immunization rates in Indiana among children ages 19-35 months are among the highest in the nation…at just over 71 percent.  Indiana currently ranks 6th in the nation for completion of the childhood immunizations measured by the C-D-C’s National Immunization Survey.  State Health Commissioner Gregory Larkin says vaccination is one of the most important things parents can do to prevent their children from outbreaks of serious diseases, such as measles and meningitis.  The survey looked at children born from July 2005 to January 2008.

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State Using Social Media Deals to Lure Tourists

Indiana Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman is helping launch a new tourism campaign aimed at luring people to Hoosier state destinations with online deals and discounts.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland has more.Hear the Story

Coats Wins Senate GOP Race;Now Needs More GOP Voter Support

While supporters are surely celebrating Dan Coats’ victory winning the Republican nomination in last night’s Senate primary race, it’s clear he now has to win the support of people who voted for his opponents.   Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.

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