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Iconic Image at Indiana Fair

It’s about time for the 20-10 Indiana State Fair.  When it kicks off next Friday (Aug 6), visitors from around the state will be greeted by a massive, and perhaps unexpected, sculpture.  Towering 25 feet over the crowds will be artist Seward Johnson’s larger than life depiction of American Gothic, but with a twist.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland spoke with Johnson about the piece thousands of Hoosiers will see, along with his other works, including some here in Indiana. Hear the Story

Johnson’s twist on American Gothic can be seen this year at the Indiana State Fair. Note the suitcase with bumper stickers from cities where American jobs have been exported.Johnson says there’s a story behind every sculpture he’s done, including this one of a policeman from Princeton, New Jersey, seen here as art on Main St. in Carmel.

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New Poll Shows Easing of Views on Immigration

According to a Gallup poll out this week, Americans views are easing slightly amid current immigration debates.  Gallup has been conducting its poll asking people whether immigration should be increased, decreased or remain the same over the past 10 years.  The survey shows while Americans attitudes about immigration have changed little over the decade, they’re less inclined to oppose immigration than they did one year ago, when anti-immigration was at its highest point of the 10 years.  Valparaiso University’s Bernard Trujillo is an immigration law professor who’s testified before the General Assembly on proposed legislation regarding illegal immigration.  He says he takes the Gallup poll as good news.

“Because immigration has been very much in the news because of the Arizona initiative, people are becoming more familiar with the facts.  There’s been a lot more coverage of actual immigrants and people who enforce immigration law so we’ve moved away from sort of abstract sloganeering and have encountered more data and that’s always good.”

 Trujillo attributes some of the change in attitudes about immigration to improvements in the economy over the last year.  He says there’s a well established relationship between hard economic times and anti-immigrant sentiment.  State Senator Mike Delph, who’s introduced legislation in the General Assembly to give the state authority to enforce federal immigration law, says he and Senate leadership are taking a wait and see approach when it comes to introducing an immigration bill in the coming year.  He says he’s watching to see what action is taken by the federal government in Arizona, and whether it will step up federal enforcement efforts.  An article Monday in the Washington Post shows the Obama administration is deporting record numbers of illegal immigrants and performing more audits of businesses believed to be hiring illegal workers.

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Group of Hoosiers Pushing for Emissions Cap in Climate Bill

A group of Indiana environmental advocates, farmers, veterans and green power leaders are in Washington, DC this week, lobbying for Congress to pass comprehensive clean energy legislation.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland supports, the group wants any new federal law to include emissions caps. Hear the Story

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DOE Gives Half Million Dollars to Alternative Principal Training Program

The Indiana Department of Education is giving Marian University, in Indianapolis, a half million dollars to start an alternative principal training program aimed at helping struggling public schools across the state.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. Hear the Story

Former State Lawmaker Giaquinta Has Died

 Former Fort Wayne legislator Ben GiaQuinta has died at the age of 87.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland has more on his life and is time in public office. Hear the Story

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Supreme Court Semi Finalists Named

 A nominating committee has pared down a list of 34 applicants to nine semi finalists, vying for the chance to become Indiana’s next Supreme Court Judge.  After two days of preliminary interviews and two hours of executive session deliberation, the committee announced its first round of picks.  There are four women on the list: Marion Superior Court Judge Robyn Moberly, Johnson Superior Court Judge Cynthia Emkes, Indianapolis attorney Ellen Boshkoff and Indiana University lawyer Kiply Drew.  Also on the list are Solicitor General Thomas Fisher, State Senator Brent Steele, Hamilton Superior Court Judge Steven Nation, Indianapolis Lawyer Karl Mulvaney, and Boone Circuit Court Judge Steve David.  Chief Justice Randall Shepard chaired the committee

“I think we all felt that there were a remarkable number of very capable people who were very legitimate prospects and in some ways there was some pain felt about who not to invite back.”

Final interviews will take place July 30th.  Then the nominating committee will select three finalists from which Governor Mitch Daniels will make the final appointment.

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Consultants Say Schools Can Save Money Switching to State Health Plan

Researchers who conducted a study on the cost of state and public school employee health insurance, told the state budget committee today, that K through 12 schools could realize 454 million dollars a year by switching their employees to the state health savings accounts.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. Hear the Story

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