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Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Law

 The Indiana Supreme Court has upheld the state’s voter identification law, ruling it does comply with the state’s constitution.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.  Hear the Story


Democrats Hold State Convention Saturday

Indiana Democrats are holding their statewide convention in Indianapolis Saturday.  The convention will be held to officially nominate the Democratic candidates for the three statewide offices up for election in November.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports.  Hear the Story

Senate Campaigns Waste No Time Going After Opponents

Indiana’s Republican and Democratic parties are wasting no time turning up the heat on the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Evan Bayh.  Democrats continue criticizing Dan Coats time as a lobbyist.  At the same time, Republicans are already questioning why Brad Ellsworth hasn’t spoken publicly about President Barack Obama’s decision yesterday to nominate Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland reports. Hear the Story

Dan Parker, Indiana Democratic Party Chair

Democrats file complaint over GOP senatorial candidates finance reports

The chairman of Indiana’s Democratic party has filed a complaint to the Senate Ethics Committee, asking its members to force four of the republican senate candidates to disclose financial information that was due weeks ago.  The complaint names specifically former U.S. Senator Dan Coats.  Chairman Dan Parker says he’s calling out Coats specifically because of Washington career.

“Former Senator Coats has been in direct violation of senate ethics rules and we believe it’s a blatant attempt to hide what he has made over the past two years as a Washington, DC lobbyist.”

Seat, a spokesperson for Coats, says the financial forms have been filled out and are being reviewed.  He adds that Coats intends to file the forms before next week’s primary.  None of the other candidates who failed to file their financial disclosure forms: John Hostettler, Don Bates Junior, and Richard Behney (BAY nee), returned calls for this story.  State Senator Marlin Stutzman was the only candidate in the race to file his required documents on time.  Federal political candidates face a two hundred dollar fine for not filing on time.  If they don’t file by July, that fine increases to 50 thousand dollars.

Marianne Holland