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Steven David Named Next Supreme Court Judge

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has announced who he’s chosen as the state’s next Supreme Court judge:  53 year old Boone County Circuit Court Judge Steven David, who will fill the vacancy left by Justice Theodore Boehm, who steps down September 30th.  David used the announcement as a time to credit the process by which he was selected.

“It’s been a rigorous, busy and public transparent process and I want to express my gratitude for the efforts, the hard work, the commitment that the judicial qualifications commission, each one of those members, put forward.”

David was one of three finalists for the job.  There were speculations Governor Daniels would select a woman, since none currently sit on the state’s highest court.  Daniels said that may have been a consideration in a tie breaker, but he felt Judge David was clearly the best nominee.  Daniels pointed particularly to his military service and time spend working in the business sector, as an attorney for Mayflower Transit Corporation, as traits that distinguished David as his final selection.