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Iconic Image at Indiana Fair

It’s about time for the 20-10 Indiana State Fair.  When it kicks off next Friday (Aug 6), visitors from around the state will be greeted by a massive, and perhaps unexpected, sculpture.  Towering 25 feet over the crowds will be artist Seward Johnson’s larger than life depiction of American Gothic, but with a twist.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland spoke with Johnson about the piece thousands of Hoosiers will see, along with his other works, including some here in Indiana. Hear the Story

Johnson’s twist on American Gothic can be seen this year at the Indiana State Fair. Note the suitcase with bumper stickers from cities where American jobs have been exported.Johnson says there’s a story behind every sculpture he’s done, including this one of a policeman from Princeton, New Jersey, seen here as art on Main St. in Carmel.

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