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Speaker Wants More Jobs Info from IEDC

Indiana Speaker of the House, Democrat Pat Bauer, says job creation information released recently by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is a good start, but not enough.  The agency has released records for three programs, regarding how much money was given in tax incentives to companies promising jobs, and how many of those jobs were actually created.  Director Mitch Roob says those tax breaks resulted in 75 thousand jobs.  But Speaker Bauer says the IEDC hasn’t done enough to get money back from companies that didn’t follow through with job promises.  And he says the records are incomplete, since there are a total of eighteen incentive programs for businesses.

“We need to have measures so that no company comes in here and tries to cheat.  But this is about jobs and we need jobs and not spin so we need to work together to make sure our reports are accurate and complete and that’s what we’re asking them to do.”

 Bauer says the legislature may need to introduce bills in coming session that will both strictly define company compliance with job creation and have stiff penalties for companies to pay back the tax money they received.

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