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Indiana Republicans Hold Convention Tomorrow

Indiana Republicans are holding their statewide convention in Indianapolis Saturday.  The convention, which is held every two years, will be held in large part to officially nominate the Republican candidates for the three statewide offices up for election in November.  There are two incumbents: State Auditor Tim Berry and State Treasurer Richard Murdock.  Current Secretary of State Todd Rokita has reached his term limit, so there’s no incumbent in that race.  Republicans are poised to nominate Fishers town councilman Charlie White to run in that race.  Party Chairman Murray Clark says it’s also a time for Indiana Republicans to set the tone as they head toward the November election.

“This is a tailwind year and we need to take advantage of it.  And it’s absolutely critical that we win these three statewide elections, that Dan Coats wins the United States Senate race, that we deliver some congressional seats now held by Democrats and that, of course, we win the majority of the Indiana House of Representatives.

Indiana Democrats hold their party convention in Indianapolis next Saturday.

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