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Tea Party Protestors Gathering at Statehouse

April 15, 2010

At this hour, Tea Party activists are beginning to gather at the Indiana Statehouse for one of a series of such protests being held across the state on Tax Day.  Indiana State Police have prepared for between three thousand and ten thousand protesters at the Indiana Statehouse tea party event.  Rosanne Price of Lebanon was one of the first protestors to arrive at the event this afternoon.  The self described tea party activist says as she prepared to vote in Indiana’s May fourth primary, she’s made up her mind to vote for political novice Richard Behney in the U.S. Senate republican primary race.  But she knows many of her fellow tea party activists say they’ll go with names they already know, particularly former U.S. Senator Dan Coats.

“He’s a lifelong politician and I’m sick of lifelong politicians.  Do your job.  Do your service to your country.  Then leave.”

The event is expected to be fully underway at five PM, with speeches beginning at 6:30.

-Marianne Holland

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