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Indiana to join health care suit

March 29, 2010

Indiana will be joining with thirteen other states in taking legal action against the federal government over the recently passed health care bill.

Almost immediately upon President Barack Obama putting his signature to the bill, thirteen states attorney generals filed a joint legal action against the federal government in Florida.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, announced today, that he has notified Florida’s Attorney General that Indiana is seeking to join that complaint and become the fourteenth state to be added as a plaintiff.

In a news release Zoeller stated that the requirement upon individuals to buy health insurance is unprecedented.  He says he believes it is in the best interest of everyone, including supporters of the healthcare bill to challenge the constitutionality of an unfunded government mandate upon states.

Zoeller says with fourteen plaintiffs involved in the action against the health care bill he believes Indiana’s legal costs should be minimal.

Brian Flood

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