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Republicans begin campaign for state senate

March 25, 2010

Two of the five republicans vying to be their parties’ candidates in Indiana’s U.S. Senate race were in the state capital today.  Marlin Stutzman, a current state senator from Howe, delivered a policy announcement at the Statehouse, detailing his ideas on the economy.

“First of all, I think we have to start with no more spending, no more bailouts, no more tax increases on any income range, no more new entitlement spending, including health care spending.  I believe we have to get spending under control and that’s going to be the first step, is stop the bleeding.”

Later this afternoon, Dan Coats, who recently returned to the Hoosier state to run for the open Senate seat he once held, appeared with national radio talk show host Bill Bennett.  His stop was part Indianapolis area fundraiser, part media availability; one in which he spent time talking about problems with the national health care reform law, and defending himself as an experienced leader, rather than a Washington insider.

“They can call me whatever they want, but I proudly served this country, this state, as a Hoosier, and this country as a Hoosier for a number of years and obviously that job is in Washington and I lived in Washington.”

First quarter campaign finance reports are due for all primary races next week.

Marianne Holland

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