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Tentative Agreement Reached on Gun Bill

Lawmakers at the Indiana statehouse have reached a tentative agreement on a bill that will let people bring their guns to work, if they keep them out of sight in their own vehicle. This morning, the Senate Rules Committee gave its approval to a conference committee report that will allow the legislation to come up for final votes. As written, the bill exempted schools, prisons, universities and government offices. But last minute negotiations included some businesses with Homeland Security registration, like power generation facilities, and some with volatile chemicals, like pharmaceutical companies Roch Diagnostics and Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. Bill sponsor Johnny Nugent of Lawrenceburg says he doesn’t like those exemptions, but they had to be included.

“There are many exemptions in here that was not my idea. But I suppose at the end of the day, we negotiated in good faith with all interested parties and try to write a bill we can pass.”

Lawmakers are planning to adjourn by midnight tonight. However, they are legally allowed to go until March fourteenth if additional time is needed to negotiate other controversial bills.

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