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Ethics bill moves on to Governor’s desk

The Indiana House of Representatives gave their final approval to an ethics reform bill that will make changes to the rules that govern legislators, lobbyists and the executive branch.

Speaker of the House Pat Bauer of South Bend, who authored the bill, made ethics reform a major focus of the legislative session.

The bill will lower the dollar amount that requires claiming of a gift from one hundred dollars to fifty, will require a one year grace period before becoming a lobbyist and will raise the fines for lobbyists that fail to comply with rules.

The bill will also make universities lobbyists subject to the same gift giving rules as other lobbyists.

Bauer says it is time for reform and praised the work done by all those involved.

“This house bill 1001 has been a collaborative effort of both the house and the senate and both parties. It’s the first ethics reform bill in, probably, twenty five, thirty years.”

The bill will also prohibit the executive branch from raising campaign funds during budget sessions.

Governor Mitch Daniels says the bill will be remembered as one of the best things that happened in this session, signaling his intent to sign the bill into law.

Brian Caoimhghin Flood

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