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Sexting to be put on hold until summer

February 16, 2010

An Indiana House committee is debating the issue of sexting. Growing in popularity among young Hoosiers, sexting is the act of transmitting pictures or video of an explicit nature by electronic device. The committee is expected to remove penalties from the legislation for sending those sexually explicit text messages when it meets again Monday.

Critics of the senate bill, like Steve Johnson, Executive Director of the Indiana Prosecutor’s Council, support the move, worried the bill would cause more harm than good.

“There would have been more unintended consequences I think from the bill as it originally came over to the house then any bill I’ve ever seen frankly in the criminal area and I think it deserves a lot of study.”

If passed out of committee, the bill would seek to do just that. Monday’s likely changes will move the issue to a summer study committee. If approved, the bill could be debated on the House floor as early as next Tuesday.

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