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Indiana students may get longer summer break

January 27, 2010

Indiana students could soon see a longer summer break after a senate committee passed a bill that would require Hoosier schools to wait until after Labor Day to return to class.

Authored by Mike Delph of Carmel, the bill is intended to create a uniform summer break for all Indiana schools so parents can better plan family activities.

“There is very few things that control families like the school day and the school calendar. And so to me this is about family values, this is about putting families first and really reconnecting families, connecting them and empowering them to be in charge of their days.”

The bill will set school start dates after Labor Day and will not allow the school year to go beyond June tenth, but it does not touch on the currently required one hundred and eighty days of school, nor does it apply to year round schools.

Brian Caoimhghin Flood

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