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The State Budget and This Session

January 15, 2010

A lot has changed since the General Assembly passed a two-year, 27-point-8 billion-dollar state budget last June. Since then, monthly tax revenues have repeatedly trailed expectations, setting the stage for the release of a revised fiscal forecast that’s far gloomier than any of its predecessors. It suggests that from now through the end of the biennium, the state will bring in 1-point-8 billion dollars less than projected. Governor Mitch Daniels has cut state-agency spending by 20 percent … higher-education funding by 6 percent … and K-through-12 school funding by upwards of 3 percent. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Marianne Holland recently spoke with State Budget Director Chris Ruhl and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Crawford about how that fiscal picture is looming over the legislative session.

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