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Indiana Congressmen in State Capital Meeting on Health Care

August 25, 2009

Three of Indiana’s Republican and Democratic congressmen were in the state capital today, making their respective cases to constituents about what, if any, health care reform they think should happen. Republican Congressmen Dan Burton and Steve Buyer held a closed to the public joint meeting at Marion County’s downtown Public Library with physicians, insurance companies, and hospitals about the health care reform proposals now before Congress. Buyer said he’s open some reforms, but Democrats won’t see Republican votes for any reform that includes a public health care plan.

“We would support catastrophic coverage, we would support helping with portability and pre existing conditions and we also continue to support expanding health savings accounts.”

Just two blocks away, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Democrat Andre Carson took questions from rotary club members. It was a far more controlled environment than the town hall exchanges most people have seen on TV, but it was not without its controversy. After a heated exchange with Indianapolis resident Jerry Mann, Carson had this to say:

“We want to hear from people who have serious and honest critiques about this proposal. No piece of legislation is perfect. We want to hear honest critiques. But what we don’t want is to have plants in the audience backed by the insurance lobby.”

Carson has not hosted any town halls in the state. Burton and Buyer plan a joint town hall tonight in Danville, just west of Indianapolis.

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