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Gary Casino Provision Out of Special Session

During a meeting of the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday, a Gary legislator withdrew his proposal to relocate a casino in his area and use the revenue for a medical teaching hospital. The removed gambling provision was part of a bill to bail out the capital improvement board that oversees Indianapolis’ downtown sports venues and convention center. Representative Charlie Brown says he decided to withdraw the amendment, saying he did not want controversy over its inclusion to stand in the way of a budget being passed during the special session.

“The primary issues facing state lawmakers in this special session should be passing a state school that protects schools and create jobs. I do not wish to see that focus changed by republicans complaining about back door deals, attempts to bring more gaming to the state of Indiana.”

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman William Crawford of Indianapolis. Later withdrew the C-I-B bill. He says bipartisan support, is required to move the legislation forward. The full House is scheduled to begin budget deliberation today.

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