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Puppy Mill Legislation Changed, Again

April 27, 2009

Legislators held their second conference committee today on a bill related to commercial dog breeding operations, known as puppy mills. Senator Brent Steele, a Republican from Bedford, put forth changes to the bill opposed by its author, Representative Linda Lawson, a Democrat from Hammond. Among the changes was one to disallow local communities from passing their own stronger breeding regulations. Lawson says that change is a bad one for communities who want such laws in place.

“One of the things that’s really important is that the communities who have stronger laws will not be able to enforce them.”

Steele also proposed inserting provisions from a separate bill regarding new statewide rules for bail bondsman. Lawson says she and her caucus are opposed to that change, expressing pessimism about the bill’s fate with that change included. The representative says she plans to introduce her own changes and try to get the bill passed, with more animal protections, by session’s end Wednesday.

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