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Bill Creates Tougher Rules for Doctors Performing Abortions

April 14, 2009

Members of the Indiana House had a lot to consider during the second reading of a Senate approved bill yesterday. Eleven amendments were discussed relating to a bill that originally proposed requiring hospital admitting privileges for physicians to perform abortions. The reading prompted heated debate ranging from patient safety to religious and ethical issues. Most of the amendments offered, were voted down. House Minority Leader Republican Brian Bosma of Indianapolis.

“Many of us are affiliated with hospitals that have a faith based mission, like St Francis hospital on the southeast side, and I know they have a mission statement, choose not to recognize those physicians who are going to perform an abortion, it’s against their religion.”

In the end only three of the amendments passed; one of them a big change. It now requires health professionals to inform a woman 18 hours before an abortion that the fetus might feel pain. Pro choice advocates oppose the change, saying it has no base in medical science. The bill will now get a third reading in the House.

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