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Senate Republicans Reveal Budget Plan

Senate Republicans say their budget proposal, released to the media tonight, relies on federal economic stimulus money to give modest funding increases to education while avoiding large cuts across the board for agencies and programs included in the budget. The two year budget proposal replaces the one year budget approved in the Indiana House earlier in the session. Republican Luke Kenley of Noblesville, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee where the bill will be voted on tomorrow morning, says it also establishes a one point three billion dollar surplus.

“What that creates is a situation that requires and sort of emphasizes the need for us to retain our reserve balances because when that money goes away, if we don’t have any reserves, we may not be able to recapture the funding that we had.”

Once the budget bill is approved by the committee, it will head to a vote by the full Senate. Then, legislative leaders will work out a compromise bill during conference committees. A final vote must be taken by April 29ths to avoid a special session.

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