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Smoking Ban Supporters Gather at Statehouse

Today members of Indiana’s major faith denominations and health leaders gathered at the Statehouse to demonstrate in favor of a statewide smoking ban in Indiana. A bill authorized by House Democrat Charlie Brown of Gary proposed a statewide smoking ban that covered all workplaces. But recent amendments exclude most restaurants, bars and casinos. Aaron Doeppers, Midwest Regional Director of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids says he wants the bill returned to its original form because all Hoosiers have the right to breathe smoke free air.

“The bill that was passed out of the house is full of gigantic loop holes and it delivers a lot more in talking points than it does in health protection, so we’re calling on the senate today to close those loopholes and give us a smoke free Indiana.”

Twenty four states have passed smoke free laws that include restaurants and bars. The group hopes Indiana will be the twenty fifth. The bill has been assigned to a senate committee and is waiting for a hearing.

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