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Hindu Prayers Delivered in House, Senate

February 24, 2009

Late last week, in what is believed to be the first ever Hindu prayer delivered at a session in the Indiana Senate or House of Representatives, Rajan Zed called on legislators to put the needy before themselves and find a resolution to the current economic strife. Zen, currently of Nebraska, is best known as the Hindu priest who delivered the first Hindu prayer in the United States Senate and since that time, has done so in eight state legislatures. V.J. Reddy of the India Association of Indianapolis says it reflects the diverse heritage of Hoosiers.

“We are part of this community and the American community and Hinduism, Hindus are representing a good part of this community. So we want to spread that out and tell that we are a part of this society also.

Reddy estimates there are about ten thousand Hindus living in Indiana. He’s says that’s an unofficial number based from the total number of people who are members of temples throughout the state.

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