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Education Chief Prepares for Federal Stimulus Money for Schools

February 17, 2009

As President Barack Obama was signing the federal economic stimulus plan today, Indiana officials spent time trying to figure out exactly how much money is coming to the state and how it can be used. Among them is Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Bennett. He says Indiana will likely receive about one point three billion dollars for education, with nearly all of that money flowing directly to schools through Title one grants for low income students and special education programs. Bennett says there is some flexibility in how that money can be spent, so he is cautioning schools to focus on one time expenses.

“We have no indication that leads us to believe that school corporations should engage in an activity that makes this part of a salary base or a type of any structure that will lead to the funding of ongoing expenses.”

Bennett says the federal government has not given a precise date when the money will be ready for Indiana schools. But he says most of the money will come sooner, rather than later.

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