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Senate Approves Constitutional Property Tax Caps

February 9, 2009

The Indiana Senate has approved a resolution that would put property tax caps in the state constitution. The legislation, if passed by the General Assembly, then voted on by the public in the year 2010, would make permanent laws past last year, capping homeowner property taxes at one percent. It would also constitutionally cap property taxes for farms at two percent and for businesses at three percent. Senator Luke Kenley, of Noblesville, is the author of the resolution.

“If you think that you want to have permanent property tax relief for the citizens, then we must pass this SJR. We must send it to the citizens and let them decide whether they want this constitutional protection or not.”

Senator Lonnie Randolph of East Chicago is one of the lawmakers who voted against the resolution today.

“We should know exactly what the problem is, exactly what we want to accomplish, and exactly meet the needs of the people of the state of Indiana which we’re not doing if we go ahead and pass this resolution. It’s already a law right now.”

The measure will now go to the House. House Speaker Pat Bauer of South Bend has said the resolution doesn’t need to be passed this year, and could wait until next year, since voters will still not be able to vote on it until the year 2010.

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