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Indiana Unemployment Now Higher than U.S. Average

January 27, 2009

Information released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Indiana’s unemployment rate now exceeds the national unemployment rate by a full percent. Indiana jumped from seven point one percent to eight point two percent over the last month. Representative Scott Pelath of Michigan City says the numbers, to him, are staggering.

“From December of last year, and going back to the previous December of 2007, Indiana has lost 123,206 paying jobs. That my friends, is more people than live in my home county of LaPorte.”

Within the state, Indiana’s northern Elkhart County continued seeing the highest job losses, skyrocketing to fifteen point three percent. The lowest unemployment rate in the state, four point two percent, was in Dubois County, in south central Indiana.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels did not issue a statement in reaction to the new unemployment numbers. But Jane Jankowski, the governor’s spokesperson, says the state’s difficult time, means Indiana must continue to diversify its economy, which has been heavily dependent on manufacturing for decades.

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