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National Literacy Survey Shows Indiana Doing Well

January 26, 2009

A national literacy study released this month shows Indiana is well below the national average in the number of adults who can’t read. Nationally, 14-point-5 percent of adults lack basic literacy skills. In Indiana, only 8 percent of adults are illiterate.

The study was conducted back in 2003… and was an update to a similar study done in 1992. In the early 90’s, Indiana’s illiterate adult population was 10 percent. Study researchers also described how they determine who’s literate and who’s not. They say being literate is not only being able to read and understand written information in English. Someone can also be described as illiterate if they can’t do anything more than easily identify information in short paragraphs.

California topped the study with 23 percent of adults who can’t read… and three states tie as the most literate. Only 6 percent of adults in Minnesota, New Hampshire, and North Dakota can’t read.

-courtesy member station IPR in Muncie

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