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Bill Filed Limiting University Lobbyists

January 20, 2009

State Senator Mike Delph of Carmel has introduced a bill that would require university lobbyists to report their spending on state government lobbying efforts. University lobbyists are exempt from the reporting requirements of other lobbyists, because they are state employees. But Senator Mike Delph says since university funding represents approximately 13 percent of the state’s overall budget, voters should know how much money they spend lobbying the General Assembly.

“They’ve got great football tickets and basketball tickets and the ability to ingratiate themselves with key members of the General Assembly. I think the public has the right to know about their lobbying activity.”

The university lobbying bill has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Public Policy and Interstate Cooperation. Tim Sanders, vice president for Government Relations at Purdue University says while the university would comply with any such law, it would ultimately result in added, unnecessary red tape. Sanders says most university lobbying is information providing, though gifts such as sporting event tickets are sometimes given.

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