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Daniels Delivers State of the State Address

January 14, 2009

Last night, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels gave his first State of the State address since being re-elected to his second term in November. His message to Hoosiers: that Indiana is weathering the fiscal storm better than other states. His emphasis was on the two year budget being written by the General Assembly this year. The theme of Governor Daniels budget message was fiscal restraint.

“This budget is full of hard decisions and unwelcome choices. But many of its provisions would make sense in the best of times: to stop spending taxpayers’ dollars on programs that have fulfilled their purpose, or are failing to accomplish their purpose, or were never essential public purposes in the first place.”

Daniels highlighted, in particular, the k through 12 education portion of his budget proposal. Citing public school inefficiencies, the governor has introduced a bill that would require schools to buy supplies via state purchasing agreements, unless they can prove greater costs savings elsewhere.

Speaker of the House Democrat Pat Bauer of South Bend said he wanted to hear about job creation in the governor’s address.

“I think the greatest concerns of people of this state are jobs and the economy. I think the governor was able to express many opinions on many other things, but we most refocus on jobs and the economy. I didn’t hear anything about that.”

Jane Jankowski, spokesperson for the governor says while job creation not specifically mentioned in the speech, it’s a part of what the Daniel’s administration does every day.

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